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When it comes to helping your child with myopia, soft contact lenses offer a simple and effective solution. One popular choice is MiSight® by Coopervision – a name you can trust. These soft daily disposable contact lenses are designed to slow down myopia progression, especially for kids. They work just like regular daily lenses, worn during the day for at least six days a week.

Research shows that MiSight® lenses can reduce myopia progression by up to 59% [3]. This means that if your child starts using these lenses early, their myopia might end up being less than half as strong compared to using regular contact lenses or glasses.

Advantages of MiSight® Soft Contact Lenses

  • Easy to Use

These lenses are simple to insert, wear, and remove. This makes them particularly suitable for children, as they integrate seamlessly into their daily routine without causing disruption.

  • Non-Invasive

Soft contact lenses provide a comfortable option for myopia control. Unlike surgical interventions that might carry risks and require longer recovery times, soft contact lenses like MiSight pose minimal risk to eye health and allow children to continue their regular activities without interruption.

  • Proven Effectiveness

Research has demonstrated the effectiveness of soft contact lenses like MiSight in slowing down myopia progression. The convenience of daily disposable lenses, combined with their proven ability to reduce myopia development by a significant percentage, provides parents with confidence in the positive impact of this method on their child’s vision.

Benefits of Soft Contact Lenses

  • Children who wore MiSight® 1 day lenses achieved better than 20/20 vision

  • 90% of children prefer wearing MiSight® 1 day contact lenses to their glasses

  • 85% of children, who have never worn contact lenses before, think MiSight® 1 day are easy to apply

  • Children wear a fresh clean pair of lenses every day
misight contact lenses for treatment of myopia

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